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World’s first-of-its-kind commercial water plant will convert wastewater from the city’s desalination process into fresh drinking water, by extracting all contaminants and transforming them into reusable mineral products
BOSTON, Feb. 18, 2016 – Veolia, the global leader in environmental solutions and optimized resource management, has named William J. “Bill” DiCroce as the new president and CEO of Veolia North America.
Learning Center to Serve National Network of Water and Wastewater Services Employees

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 10, 2005- Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corporation (Trigen-Philadelphia) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to build, own and operate a 7,000 ton chilled water facility that will provide chilled water to a portion of the Jefferson campus in Philadelphia.
HOUSTON, Jan. 21, 2003 — Tampa Bay Water's regional surface water treatment facility, the second largest design-build-operate project for drinking water services in the United States, has won the award for the best infrastructure project from the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (NCPPP). Made possible through a public-private partnership between Tampa Bay Water and USFilter Operating Services, Inc., (USFilter) the project was singled out for its originality, quality and implementation while generating savings of approximately $80 million.