Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corporation Launches New Project with Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 10, 2005- Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corporation (Trigen-Philadelphia) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to build, own and operate a 7,000 ton chilled water facility that will provide chilled water to a portion of the Jefferson campus in Philadelphia.

Trigen-Philadelphia will supply chilled water through an energy service agreement with an initial term of 30 years. Jefferson also has extended the terms of its steam purchase agreement with Trigen-Philadelphia for a 30-year term.

Design of the 7,000 ton chilled water plant is underway with construction expected to follow shortly thereafter. Chilled water service is expected to commence in the spring of 2007. The chilled water will be produced at Trigen-Philadelphia's Edison Station and will be distributed to Jefferson's campus via a new underground distribution system.

Thomas Jefferson University is composed of three schools--Jefferson Medical College, the Jefferson College of Graduate Studies and the Jefferson College of Health Professions. The three colleges enroll more than 2,400 future physicians, scientists and health-care professionals.Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, part of the academic health center complex, admits more than 40,000 patients a year for advanced treatment and care.

Trigen-Philadelphia, the only provider of district energy in Philadelphia, is one of the largest community energy systems in the United States.The company's services ex-tend beyond thermal energy, to include a full range of energy advisory services. Nearly 400 of Philadelphia's most prominent businesses, hospitals, universities, hotels and residential buildings rely on Trigen-Philadelphia to keep their operations running at peak performance.

Jefferson's Associate Vice President of Facilities Management, Ronald E. Bowlan said, "Jefferson University and Hospital have an extensive business relationship with the Philadelphia steam system that dates back to the 1880's. The chilled water service from Trigen-Philadelphia is a natural expansion of our business relationship. Trigen-Philadelphia has been a long term and trusted energy supplier to our health care sys-tem."

Lance Ahearn, CEO of the Trigen Companies said, "By outsourcing their chilled water needs at this campus, Jefferson canfocus on core competencies and will free up capital dollars to spend on mission critical needs. We are honored to be chosen for this 30-year partnership by such a world-class institution as Jefferson. Energy is Trigen's core business.The Trigen Companies deliver efficiency, improved reliability, and peace of mind to customers in the eight communities we serve. We recognize that customers want more than energy commodities. They want a trusted business partner who under-stands their long-term energy needs and how these needs relate to their business strategy. "

In a community energy system, a central plant produces hot water, steam or chilled water and delivers this energy to a group of buildings or facilities via an underground piping network.Businesses stand to gain numerous benefits, economic and otherwise, from using Trigen's services. Community energy systems save new building owners the cost of constructing and operating boilers and chilled water plants, and enable the owners of existing buildings to avoid the expense of maintaining and replacing aging and inefficient equipment. The space normally occupied by traditional boilers and chillers can then be used for other income-generating purposes.

The Trigen Companies are owned by Thermal North America, Inc. (TNAI). Based in Boston, TNAI is a private venture focused on investments in district heating and cooling systems and related energy investments. "The Trigen Companies" are Grays Ferry Cogeneration Partnership; Trenton Energy Corporation; Trigen-Baltimore Energy Corporation; Trigen-Boston Energy Corporation; Trigen Building Services Corporation; Trigen-Kansas City Energy Corporation; Trigen-Missouri Energy Corporation; Trigen-Oklahoma Energy Corporation and Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corporation.


Lance Ahearn
Chief Executive Officer
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