Press Releases

Veolia Energy North America Holdings, Inc. (Veolia) has acquired Enovity, a San Francisco-based energy services firm. Enovity is a strategic acquisition that complements Veolia’s existing SourceOne energy services business, providing a platform for expanding the company’s geographic footprint in the building energy services sector.
BOSTON, November 21, 2016 – As a leading contributor to U.S. environmental policy, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) recently awarded the cities of Gresham, Oregon, New Orleans, and Milwaukee, Peak Performance Awards for achieving 100 percent compliance at their wastewater facilities. As a result, this honor recognizes Veolia’s operations at each of these cities, and its expertise and commitment to protecting the environment.
BOSTON, October 20, 2016 – The recent infrastructure improvements at Kendall Cogeneration Station eliminate thermal pollution to the Charles River and mark the completion of Veolia’s Boston-Cambridge “Green Steam” project – a multi-million dollar investment that has improved energy reliability and air quality, while reducing the region’s carbon footprint.
Veolia in North America through its subsidiary (Veolia ES Alaron, L.L.C.) has partnered with customer Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems (MNES), Inc. to build a training facility at Veolia’s Alaron Nuclear Services site in Wampum, Pa. MNES will conduct hands-on training and qualification of the Mitsubishi Water Jet Peening (WJP) process in the facility’s radiological controlled environment.
BOSTON, August 3, 2016 – As operator for New London’s water and wastewater system, Veolia, the global leader in environmental solutions and optimized resource management, will implement a new utility portal and billing software under a 5-year contract extension – highlighting the city’s commitment to exceptional customer service and improving access to online billing and consumption data.
Veolia has closed the acquisition of Chemours’ Sulfur Products division assets, announced last June. Chemours Sulfur Products Division is a specialist in the recovery of sulfuric acid and gases of the refining process, which are regenerated into clean acid and steam used in wide range of industrial activities. With this operation, Veolia strengthens the asset base of its Industrial regeneration business in the Oil and Gas industry in the United States.
BOSTON, June 28, 2016 — The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District has extended its agreement with Veolia North America to continue managing and operating its collection and wastewater treatment system under a 10-year, $500 million contract.
The lawsuit filed by the Michigan Attorney General yesterday is outrageous. The allegations against Veolia are false, inaccurate, and unwarranted. Sadly for the citizens of Flint and throughout Michigan, the lawsuit represents the latest attempt to deflect responsibility by government officials and representatives who caused and are responsible for this situation.
Region’s Innovation and Sustainability Culture a Perfect Fit for World’s Largest Environmental Services Company