Working at Veolia means being part of a community: the community of Resourcers.

It means resourcing the world by sharing the same mind-set.

We are open to the world and to others.

We know how to unite and mobilize to ensure the success of our projects.

We see the world as it should be and not just as it is.

We design innovative solutions where others see problems.

We keep on searching until we find it!

We like to always go further. Opening. Reinventing. Trying new things.

Resourcing the world

People have to completely rethink their relationship with resources. They have to reinvent a new, more balanced, more sustainable economic and social development model. Our mission? To encourage the transition to a more circular economy. To offer innovative solutions that develop access to resources, and protect and renew them. Across the world.

Our business lines

168,800 Resourcers in 45 countries

100 million people supplied with drinking water

45 million tonnes of waste treated

44 million MWh produced

We are 168,800 Resourcers worldwide.

Being a Resourcer means seeing the things around us in a special way.

What about you? Are you a Resourcer?

Through the eyes of the Resourcers

Video portrait of William DiCroce
Video portrait of Julien Beaunoyer
Video portrait of Sarah Vanza Lutonda