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Are you a Resourcer?

At Veolia, we like to move beyond first impressions. Imagine solutions where others see problems. We all share a common mindset: we are optimistic, we never give up and we move forward together. and you ?

Question 1/5The Paris Agreement concluded at COP21 aims to limit the global temperature rise to 2°C by the end of the century. In your opinion:

Question 2/5Do you think it's possible to recover wastewater for use as drinking water?

Question 3/5What do you think about the idea of using waste heat from data centers to heat a neighborhood?

Question 4/5If you were told that Veolia is working with startups on experiments to raise insect larvae on waste and transform them into animal protein, how would you react?

Question 5/5What is your motto?

Your answers are mostly

Résultat optimist Résultat optimist Résultat optimist

Bravo, you're always optimistic, just like the Resourcers!

Resourcers are optimistic. They view the world from a different perspective. They see how it could be, not just how it is. They turn problems into opportunities and develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges around them.

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Your answers are mostly

Résultat relentless Résultat relentless Résultat relentless

Bravo, you never give up, just like the Resourcers!

Resourcers never give up. They are tenacious, determined and committed. They keep going until they find a solution. When Resourcers take action, they do more than just scratch the surface - they try new things and find ingenious solutions.

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Your answers are mostly

Résultat team Résultat team Résultat team

Bravo, you move forward together, just like the Resourcers!

Resourcers always work together. They are open to the world and to others. They don't hesitate to include everyone around them who will help make their project a success. Their ability to bring people together enables them to form strong, united communities.

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