Produced Water Reuse

The challenge as we see it

Large volumes of produced water are generated daily as part of oil and gas exploration and production. As the fracking boom continues, socially responsible water use and reuse becomes more important. To comply with environmental regulations, recover value and minimize costs, producers are turning to produced water reuse solutions.

Our differentiated value

Having an experienced water management partner is critical to successful water reuse application. Our goal is to minimize our customers’ operational costs and lease operating expenses by maximizing water reuse, recovering valuable resources such as fresh water and minimizing induced seismicity.

We offer flexible commercial models to suit customer and market needs. Our service models guarantee:

  • Long-term quality
  • Quantity
  • Availability
  • Maintenance performance

We consistently achieve the lowest incidence rates in the industry and work closely with our customers to add value and commitment to their safety protocol.

Our solutions for produced water reuse

Treatment of produced water for reuse involves removal of particulates (oil, solids, and bacteria), scale formers (iron, barium, strontium, silica, calcium, and magnesium) and dissolved gases (H2S). The water can then be reused in hydraulic fracturing, steam generation and waterflooding applications.

Patented processes provide cost effective solutions backed by our operation and maintenance services to provide a 24/7 performance guarantee.

Our portfolio of technologies and expertise spans across North America and is equipped to handle the different composition and geographies in the U.S. and Canada. For water reuse this includes ShaleFlow™ and Ross™ technologies.

Using produced water helps producers by minimizing or reducing:

  • Injection volumes
  • Fresh water demand
  • Water disposal costs
  • Frac completion costs
  • Lease operating expenses

Our upstream oil & gas services include produced water discharge and TENORM waste disposal solutions.

Benefits for our customers

Deep-well injection reduction

Minimized operating costs

Environmental stewardship

Focus Innovation

Ross™ Technology

ROSS™ technology combines our proprietary Multiflo™ high-rate chemical softening process with CeraMem® ceramic membrane technology to generate high-quality water suitable for reuse in steam flooding, water flooding and hydraulic fracturing operations.

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