Produced Water Discharge

The challenge as we see it

Discharge solutions provide an alternative option for the disposal of produced water and help minimize saltwater disposal well injection. However, tougher regulations for the handling and discharge of produced water can make water management challenging for producers. Meeting environmental regulations while optimizing operations and reducing operating costs is critical.

Our differentiated value

Having an experienced water management partner can help oil and gas producers. Our goal is to minimize our customers’ operational costs and lease operating expenses by maximizing water reuse, recovering valuable resources such as fresh water and minimizing induced seismicity.

We consistently apply asset management best practices, enabling us to provide comprehensive long-term performance guarantees.

  • Our service models guarantee long-term quality, quantity, availability and maintenance performance.
  • We offer flexible commercial models to suit customer and market needs.

Veolia employees lead safety together, making safe behaviors and work practices a core value of everything we do.

Our solutions for upstream produced water reuse

Treatment of produced water involves total dissolved solids (TDS) removal, zero liquid waste and oil and water separation. Discharge water can then be used for irrigation and as process water for industries.

We offer a wide range of solutions to the industry tailored to meet your specific treatment and reuse objectives including Opus® II, MVR Evaporation and CoLD® Process Technologies.

Our method ensures greater than 95% of the effluent is recovered for reuse. Our water management solutions for discharge:

  • Minimize deep well dependency
  • Reduce truck traffic
  • Recover resources from water

Our upstream oil & gas services include produced water reuse and TENORM waste disposal solutions.

Benefits for our customers

Minimize deep well injection

Recovery of valuable resources from water

Long-term performance guarantees

Focus Innovation

CoLD® Process

The CoLD® Process, a proprietary crystallization process, is a simpler and more economical approach to desalination of produced water than the conventional thermal process. It eliminates the need for expensive pretreatment of the produced water, thereby reducing capital and operating costs.

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