Operations Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships

The challenge as we see it

Cities and public agencies are faced with the challenge of providing safe, reliable and efficient water and wastewater systems with a limited amount of resources.

Our differentiated value 

Veolia leads the market in water and wastewater operations solutions and cutting edge treatment technologies. As a long-term partner to cities and municipalities, Veolia helps water and wastewater utilities mitigate risk, comply with environmental standards and improve operational and cost efficiencies.

  • Market leader in North America and around the world
  • Local and worldwide network of industry experts
  • Dedicated technical & performance group
  • Cost savings from operational excellence efficiencies
  • Track record of environmental compliance
  • Long-term investment in local community
  • Training programs to ensure workforce development

Our water and wastewater employees live and operate in 617 communities serving a population of over 10 million.

Our solutions for operations partnerships 

Public Private Partnerships

Veolia operates, maintains and manages water and wastewater systems, providing experienced management and labor while the utility is able to maintain control of its assets. Our flexible approach to outsourcing focuses primarily on our clients’ goals, customizing each partnership according to individual performance metrics.

Systems we operate & maintain:

  • Water/wastewater treatment - Veolia leads the industry as the most experienced operator of water and wastewater treatment plants. We utilize world class expertise and cutting edge technologies to ensure quality, cost effective operations and an exemplary compliance record.
  • Water distribution & wastewater collection - Veolia operates and maintains thousands of miles of water distribution and wastewater collection networks. We offer a proven management approach to extract the maximum life expectancy of collection and delivery infrastructure while maintaining strict quality standards.
  • Biosolids & residuals management - Veolia’s team of dedicated experts has developed best practices for biosolids and residuals management at wastewater and biosolids facilities, with services ranging from thermal drying and incineration to application programs that incorporate thousands of dry tons of biosolids into agricultural lands.
  • Water reuse & reclamation - Veolia offers comprehensive water reuse and reclamation solutions to maximize your community’s resources while adhering to stringent quality standards. Our advanced approaches and processes treat wastewater to a level that meets non-potable water needs, for uses such as irrigation and industrial processes.


Delivery models:

  • Contract operations & maintenance
  • DBOM/F and DBOOM/F projects
  • Concession agreement

Veolia manages 1.6 billion gallons per day of wastewater and 800 million gallons per day of water treatment capacity.


Benefits for our customers

Operational excellence

Local partner

Global expertise

Focus Innovation

Proprietary water treatment technology

Veolia’s portfolio of proprietary water treatment technologies includes over 350 solutions to manage, optimize and recover water and wastewater for municipal and commercial systems. Using these technologies and our operational experience, we focus on increasing and extending the value of water and wastewater resources.

They chose this solution

Tampa Bay

United States

Multiple awards for quality and best practices from AWWA and others.

Tampa Bay Water partners with Veolia using a Design-Build-Operate (DBO) model that was adapted to meet the client's need for a new water supply source.

Reliable Energy Supports Stadiums

United States

Long term steam agreement and O&M of the chilled water plant serving Baltimore stadiums.

Both Oriole Park at Camden Yards and the M&T Bank Stadium leverage the Baltimore district energy system for heating and domestic hot water.

To provide cooling and chilled water to both stadiums the Maryland Stadium Authority developed its own onsite chilled water plant which Veolia currently operates under an O&M agreement.

Pioneering Water and Wastewater Partnership

United States

Support of the New York City's Operational Excellence program has enhanced utility services.

The partnership, which began in November 2011, has streamlined workflows, boosted productivity, identified efficiencies and met Department of Environmental Protection’s goals - resulting in environmental benefits and reduced water costs for 9 million New Yorkers.

Wastewater Treatment Operations

United States

Veolia's partnership with the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board has spanned decades.

Through this partnership, Veolia has delivered many benefits over the past two decades to the community, including support for the areas devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita and achieving an estimated savings of $15 million related to O&M costs over the first decade of the contract.

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United States

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