Operations Optimization Programs

Operations Optimization

The challenge as we see it

In addition to providing quality water and wastewater services to their communities, municipal utilities want to optimize systems for efficiencies and ensure desired service levels — despite increasing pressures, such as compliance issues, aging infrastructure, increased populations and extreme weather events.

Our differentiated value 

Veolia draws from our world-class network of utility experts to assess levels of system efficiency, develop operational strategies, implement optimization measures and maximize reliability for water and wastewater facilities.

  • Dedicated asset management team
  • Global Experts in metering and AMI
  • Our own meter testing facility and billing center
  • Robust SCADA and IT capabilities
  • Internal capital projects division
  • Experts in CMMS and related software tools

Our operators and technical experts optimize treatment processes and implement a range of efficiency measures that combined reduce operating expenses 15-20% on average.

Our solution for operations optimization

Operations Optimization

Veolia’s operations optimization services are an extension of our O&M services.  They are highly targeted to address the greatest areas of need within a municipal utility, including, but not limited to, maintenance, asset management, revenue, and process. Veolia’s approach to optimization is about transformation – not just advice. We collaborate with you from concept through implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Services we offer:

  • Asset management - Through our asset management programs, Veolia manages both above ground and underground assets to help utilities achieve desired service levels, maximize reliability and promote best use of resources while lowering costs and mitigating risks.
  • Metering & billing - Veolia provides services that include meter reading, work order management and inventory and meter installation histories that leverage the latest technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy. We also use client-management tools that include client-specific, monthly customer billing driven by each customer's rate and service type.
  • Capital program management - Using data integration from multiple sources, Veolia evaluates level of service, risks, life-cycle costs and criticality to develop, implement and manage the optimal capital plan in conjunction with your budget process.
  • Data management & analytics - With the necessity of improving operational efficiencies to cope with increasing compliance, infrastructure and financial issues, Veolia incorporates digital management technology to track real time metrics within many of our municipal systems. Veolia uses this data, collected through AMI, sensors, SCADA and other advanced monitoring systems to benchmark performance and reduce risk.
  • Water & wastewater energy programs - Energy is one of the largest cost centers for water and wastewater utilities. Veolia reduces carbon emissions from water and wastewater facilities by implementing energy saving equipment and process changes, as well as renewable energy technologies like combined heat and power and bio-digestion.

Our process starts with measuring baseline performance, identifying opportunities for improvement based on proven industry best practices and delivering on measurable goals and objectives.


Benefits for our customers

Utility know-how and expertise

Implementation experience

Collaborative partnership

Focus Innovation

Proprietary water treatment technology

Veolia’s portfolio of proprietary water treatment technologies includes over 350 solutions to manage, optimize and recover water and wastewater for municipal and commercial systems. Using these technologies and our operational experience, we focus on increasing and extending the value of water and wastewater resources.

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Tampa Bay

United States

Multiple awards for quality and best practices from AWWA and others.

Tampa Bay Water partners with Veolia using a Design-Build-Operate (DBO) model that was adapted to meet the client's need for a new water supply source.

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