TENORM Waste Disposal

The challenge as we see it

Technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) is unregulated at the federal level and state regulations are patchwork, making compliant management difficult. TENORM is a waste associated with mining, oil and gas production, water treatment and consumer products. During extraction, the natural radioactive elements present in the earth are brought to the surface and can contain uranium, thorium or radium. The amount of TENORM generated depends on geological location, type of production and in the case of enegy production, the age of the well.  

Our differentiated value

Managing the multiple challenges of hazardous waste to satisfy safety, environmental and regulatory directives requires an experienced partner with a proven record in all three areas.  Our experience covers TENORM in sandblast grit, refractory brick, water filtration media, ceramic insulators and wastewater sludge from the treatment of fracking water.

We employ safe and proven methods of treatment.

  • All stabilized residuals are tested to ensure treatment to specified levels.
  • De-characterized treatment residuals are disposed of at nearby Veolia-audited facilities.
  • Subtitle D landfill ensures the de-characterized residuals are not commingled with hazardous wastes, which reduces your company’s risk of future environmental action.

We lead safety together, making safe behaviors and work practices a core value of everything we do, from task conception to completion.

Our solutions for TENORM waste disposal

As the fracking boom continues and environmental pressures rise, it is important for producers to meet regulations and help shield their company from the long-term liability of regulated waste.

With our trained personnel and treatment & land disposal network, customers can access the following services:

  • Obtain approvals for processing and disposing of waste
  • Waste packaging, preparation of shipping documents and transportation
  • Onsite service programs in accordance with each customer's procedures
  • Radioactive project managers providing expertise in auditing, training and procedure review

Our upstream services include produced water reuse and discharge solutions.

Benefits for our customers

Reduced environmental risk

Customized waste treatment

Full-service labs

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