Medical Waste Disposal

The challenge as we see it

The majority of medical waste generated in the U.S. is regulated at the state and local level, so medical and pharmaceutical waste needs to be managed in a way to ensure your staff’s safety and your organization’s regulatory compliance.

Our differentiated value 

We apply the same industry-leading customer service to our medical waste customers as we do to our heavily regulated hazardous waste customers.  This includes contracts that are easier to live with and access to a broad range of water and energy services. 

We provide disposal solutions for regulated medical waste, chemotherapy waste, radioactive biohazardous waste, pharmaceutical waste, sharps waste and chemical sharps waste. We also provide SHARPS+PAK® medical waste disposal services via U.S. mail, which is mainly designed for businesses with smaller waste quantities.

  • Dual waste permit allowing incineration of waste that is both hazardous and medical
  • Unparalleled service evidenced by industry-leading customer satisfaction
  • Full sustainability partner offering water, waste and energy solutions
  • Personalized service with an assigned team to service your location each time

Our medical waste disposal solutions are customized to best fit the specific needs of your organization.

Our solutions for medical waste disposal

Our medical waste disposal solutions will help your organization safely and properly manage hazardous materials. Medical waste treatment can take place at our facilities if the waste is classifi ased both medical and RCRA, or at audited and approved third-party partner facilities for wastes classified as medical. First, we conduct an initial medical waste review and breakdown analysis to help your company reduce waste and minimize your costs. Once your unique needs are determined, our partners train your staff on waste stream segregation, procedures and safety.

Veolia brings innovation and global experience to more than 3,700 healthcare institutions worldwide, delivering a range of reliable, efficient and compliant services for healthcare wastes.

Our medical waste disposal solutions include:

  • Staff training
  • Appropriate container sizes and shapes, including labels, packaging and signage
  • Flexible pick-up schedule, as well as determination of the optimum location
  • Tracking of materials, from pick-up through final disposal
  • Online viewing and downloading of shipping documents and manifests
  • Recommendations for waste minimization
  • Protocols for regulatory compliance​

Veolia is your complete solutions provider for medical waste.

Benefits for our customers

Customized disposal programs

Strong focus on safety

Standards to meet regulatory compliance


Focus Innovation

Medical waste disposal solutions that meet compliance

The Medical Waste Management Act and Environmental Health and Safety agencies in each state have requirements for medical waste disposal. Our partner’s representatives understand and stay abreast of any changes in federal, state and local requirements to assure compliance at all regulatory levels.

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