Lab & Equipment Decontamination

The challenge as we see it

Lab and equipment decontamination is an important step to keeping facilities safe — whether it’s decontaminating in anticipation of a real estate transaction or the decontamination is mandated through a RCRA closure of a hazardous waste storage area.

Our differentiated value

We provide lab and equipment decontamination services for any size job, from one piece of equipment to a complete facility. Our team of specialists determines the technique most suitable for the type of contamination and completes the job as quickly as possible. Depending on the situation, the techniques may rely primarily on manual labor or may require sophisticated equipment with specialized training.

Our equipment decontamination solutions are designed to fit your specific needs and can serve for a wide range of items, including:

  • ​Chemical tanks
  • Hazardous waste storage areas
  • High voltage transformer vaults
  • Individual equipment
  • PCB transformers
  • Plating tank lines
  • Transformer pads

We have experience handling items that get contaminated from a number of sources, including , animal waste, chemicals, heavy metals, oil, and PCBs.

Our solutions for lab & equipment decontamination

Our services are customized to your particular needs. We provide a decontamination solution that meets whatever requirements the situation demands and complies with all applicable regulations. We use the proper equipment and apply the correct techniques to complete the decontamination process expeditiously and final sampling is provided.

Our equipment decontamination services include: 

  • ​Bleach solutions
  • Chemical cleaning
  • HEPA negative air machines
  • High efficiency particulate air filter vacuums
  • Pressure washing
  • Scraping
  • Solvent washing
  • Steel cutting
  • Triple wash and rinse
  • Vapor degreasing 

We assure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations in our processes and in delivering thorough decontamination of your laboratory and equipment.

Benefits for our customers

Wide range of services

Custom, specialized techniques

Standards to meet regulatory compliance

Focus Innovation

Our lab & equipment decontamination solutions help meet regulatory requirements

Closing hazardous waste storage areas in particular may be subject to regulation under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Other regulations, such as the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) or the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), may apply. 

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