Fuel Blending

The challenge as we see it

Organizations looking to minimize environmental impact and reduce costs may look at fuel blending solutions. This process helps to conserve fossil fuels and is an environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional disposal methods such as incineration, which can reduce waste management costs.

Our differentiated value

Veolia pioneered many of the fuel blending techniques that have become standard in our industry. Environmental concerns, including reducing dependence on fossil fuels and limiting greenhouse gas emissions, are part of our core values—along with our commitment to helping you meet regulatory requirements and reduce waste management costs.

Compliance is a way of life for us, and we maintain a proven record with health, safety, and state and federal environmental regulations.

All aspects of our fuel blending solutions meet these standards, including:

  • Pre-shipment consultation with our fuel blending experts
  • Site services such as collection and preparation for transport
  • Shipment in drums, totes, tankers, railcars and rolloff boxes
  • Transportation
  • Recycling

We specialize in recovering the thermal energy of non-recyclable waste through combustion, generating energy that can be used in industrial processes.

Our solutions for fuel blending

We operate four fuel-blending, energy recovery facilities in the United States. As required by law, we maintain fully-funded closure plans for these facilities. Our facilities meet US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, as well as all applicable state regulations.

Our fuel blending services feature:

  • Convenient, on-time, pickups for all quantities of waste materials
  • Required regulatory documentation to help you prove compliance with state and federal regulations
  • A nationwide network of experienced hazardous waste recycling representatives who work directly with businesses in your area
  • Company-owned transportation
  • An audited network of approved third-party transporters
  • Thirty-six 10-day in-transit facilities

You can track your organization’s regulatory compliance via our Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS), and manage your liability.

Benefits for our customers

Cost reduction

Standards to meet regulatory compliance

Environmental protection

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