Acid Technology Center

The challenge as we see it

Both sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid behave in very similar manners and have severe safety consequences if mishandled. Finding an experienced business partner who can support your need for critical information to keep your facility operating safely is imperative.

Our differentiated value

Our Acid Technology Center (ATC) not only troubleshoots and solves sulfur management problems, but is keenly focused on establishing and sharing best practice solutions across our organization and network of sulfuric acid facilities.

Our ATC engineers are world-class experts in their field, and work closely with our environmental, process safety and operational teams to solve operational, maintenance and technical challenges for our customers and operating sites. Key areas of involvement include:

  • Product quality management
  • Capital coordination and execution
  • Product stewardship
  • Technical service
  • Site maintenance and reliability support

We operate according to a Goal Zero culture, which is focused on continuous improvement towards an overarching goal of zero injuries, zero incidents and zero impact on the environment.

Our solutions within our acid technology center

Eighteen engineers — and nearly 30 personnel in total — support our customers, external stakeholders and our world-class operators. Our ATC Manufacturing Technology group includes chemists, metallurgists, process controls, instrumentation and electrical and reliability engineers.

This team brings hundreds of years of combined experience in working with fuming (sulfur trioxide, chlorosulfonic acid and oleum) and nonfuming (sulfuric acid) sulfur-based products. Additionally, they are experts in spent acid processing and regeneration.

Our Acid Technology center supports our customers with:

  • Product safety, handling and stewardship guidance
  • Non-fuming and fuming acid safety seminars
  • Fuming acid spill mitigation school – desert training
  • Transportation equipment and logistics support
  • Customer onsite safety training
  • Emergency spill response drills and training
  • Safety and technical literature
  • Corrosion consultation for materials of construction
  • Best practices – procedures and equipment, such as storage tanks, handling equipment, PPE, hoses, pumps, fittings, instrumentation, etc.
  • Providing alternatives to improve reliability of facilities
  • Improving customer downstream quality concerns
  • Assistance during upsets to support return to normal operations

We will work with you to ensure you have the training necessary to safely handle and use our sulfuric acid products.

Benefits for our customers

Manufacturing technology


Product stewardship

Focus Innovation

American Chemistry Council Responsible Care®

As an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® member, we are committed to practices designed to continuously improve the health and safety of plant employees and nearby residents, and to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

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