Energy Plant Operations & Maintenance

The challenge as we see it

Comprised of complex infrastructure, operating an energy plant optimally is a specialized task, requiring the skills of a range of utility and technical experts.  The proper operation and maintenance (O&M) of energy infrastructure at a building,  campus or industrial facility is critical to maintaining reliability and maximizing economic, technical and environmental performance.

Our differentiated value 

Veolia is one of the largest operators of combined heat and power systems, district energy systems, central utility plants and HVAC systems globally and across North America.  As a third-party operations partner, we help facility owners and operators maximize operational efficiency and reliability, enabling our customers to focus internal resources on core business activities.

  • Access to both trained operators and technical experts
  • Cost savings and efficiency through operational excellence
  • Guaranteed uptime and reliability while reducing operational risk
  • Track record of performance in mission critical environments
  • Elite safety record and investment in safety training programs
  • Robust continuous commissioning and maintenance programs
  • Expertise in both power and thermal energy assets

The global and North American leader in complex power and thermal energy plant operations.

Our solutions for energy plant operations & maintenance

Energy Plant O&M

By leveraging a life-cycle approach, combined with a thorough preventive maintenance program, Veolia is delivering operational savings, peak efficiencies and emission reductions for several leading universities and colleges, hospitals, commercial properties and industrial clients across the country.

Energy plant operations & maintenance approach:  

  • We’ve developed an optimal strategy for enhancing the economic and technical performance of complex equipment using a life-cycle approach—a systematic program of diagnostic testing, inspections, overhauls, repairs, and upgrades.
  • When equipment is maintained with a life-cycle analysis perspective, energy usage is optimized, and both operating and capital costs are ultimately minimized. Through these operational excellence programs we can improve facility economics by 15-20% on average. 
  • Our diligent approach to on-site operations and maintenance is designed to maximize peak efficiency, minimize the risk of equipment failure and ensure a tight control range.

Examples of energy plants and systems we operate & maintain:

  • Cogeneration / Combined heat & power (CHP) Plants
  • Chiller plants
  • Boiler plants
  • Air handler units (AHUs)
  • Cooling towers
  • Ice storage plants
  • Battery storage systems
  • Solar PV systems
  • Power and thermal distribution systems
  • Biomass facilities
  • Anaerobic digesters

We own, operate and manage complex energy operations, providing sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure to more than 50,000 businesses.


Benefits for our customers

Energy reliability

Control costs

Optimized infrastructure

They chose this solution

Microgrid Supports Company's Headquarters

United States

Development of a CHP plant and ongoing O&M for a global biotechnology company’s headquarters.

Veolia provides operations and maintenance of a 5.3 MW combined heat and power facility that provides more reliable and cost-effective energy for the customer's Cambridge campus.

The plant also receives backup support from Veolia’s district steam system, and its construction was managed by Veolia’s energy consulting group, SourceOne.

O&M of Energy Facilities at the University of Minnesota

United States

Operations and maintenance supports the heating needs of the university's Twin Cities campus.

As operator, Veolia manages two steam heating facilities and a new state-of-the-art 22.8 MW combined heat and power plant (CHP).  

Veolia is ensuring the university's energy infrastructure provides reliable energy for this campus of more than 70,000 students, faculty and staff.


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