The Ashburnham-Winchendon Joint Water Authority extends O&M partnership with Veolia

Veolia helps maintain superior water quality for the communities of Ashburnham and Winchendon

Veolia helps maintain superior water quality for the communities of Ashburnham and Winchendon

Due to the success of this long-term public-private partnership (PPP), Veolia has recently signed a contract extension through the year 2021 to provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the water treatment facilities and distribution system supplying drinking water to the communities of Ashburnham and Winchendon.  Under this 5-year contract extension, Veolia will continue to operate a 2-million-gallons-per-day (MGD) surface water treatment plant, a 2-MGD raw water pump station and a 0.3-MGD clear well.
Since 2001, our Veolia experts have provided O&M services to the Ashburnham-Winchendon Joint Water Authority, delivering high quality drinking water and mitigating environmental and health risks through guarantees of service and stringent regulatory compliance.  Veolia has also assisted in implementing capital and process control improvements that have greatly improved efficiencies and helped to deliver superior water quality.  With no lost-time accidents since commencing the contract, Veolia’s safety record has also exceeded the highest of safety standards.  

“Veolia has managed the water treatment and supply operations for the towns of Ashburnham and Winchendon since 2001 – a partnership that has yielded stellar water quality, exceptional safety and environmental compliance, guaranteed performance and cost-effective water services for a population of 9,220 people,” said VP of Operations Darlene Domingos for Veolia North America's Municipal and Commercial Business. “We are thrilled to renew this successful partnership with the Ashburnham-Winchendon Joint Water Authority and continue to help protect one of our most valuable and precious resources: clean and safe drinking water.”

As North America’s oldest and largest water and wastewater services provider, Veolia has successfully operated municipal wastewater treatment plants for over four decades.  Ranging in capacity from less than 1 MGD to more than 300 MGD, Veolia currently operates 183 municipal wastewater treatment facilities in North America – outpacing the expertise and experience of any other firm in the industry.  Learn more about our infrastructure solutions in the Northeast HERE.  

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