Turn Around Management

The challenge as we see it

Turnaround managers have to manage a multitude of tasks to successfully complete a turnaround, including managing several contractors and time-sensitive schedules. Many of the projects included in a turnaround fall outside of the manager's core business and expertise, necessitating a partner they can trust and rely on to perform the work.

Our differentiated value

Veolia offers complete industrial cleaning services, planning and management tools to help you complete your turnaround on-time and on-budget. Our touch free technologies, diverse experience and proven turnaround management skills can deliver unmatched value back to your organization.

Our reliable, cost-effective services integrate solutions from across our business to manage complex turnaround projects. As always, these Veolia services are provided by professionally-trained experts who excel in specific areas of our business. Regardless of the scale of the challenge, Veolia will work with you to tailor solutions to meet your organization’s goals and to help you meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Veolia leads the industry in the development of robotic or automated tooling solutions for performing industrial cleaning work. Our touch free technologies improve employee safety by allowing workers to remotely operate equipment outside of barricaded areas and away from the hazardous line of fire. Our operational personnel are trained and knowledgeable on the latest:

  • Safety requirements, including OSHA standards
  • Plant operational procedures
  • Touch Free technology user manuals
  • Cleaning techniques
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Automated technologies
  • Regulatory compliance

Our operational expertise is backed by industry-leading safety performance and compliance ratings that you can trust to mitigate risk from your business.

Our solutions for turnaround management

Veolia’s touch free technologies surpass traditional cleaning methods by substantially increasing the cleaning power and accuracy available to complete industrial cleaning objectives. Manual methods of cleaning rely on the physical strength of workers, significantly limiting the scale of horsepower and cleaning ability, along with subjecting workers to unnecessary heat stress and fatigue. 

Solutions we offer include:

  • Management services including scheduling, cost control and reporting
  • Touch free technologies
  • Hydroblasting & ultra-high pressure
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Abrasive water cutting
  • Unit decontamination

Greater power matched with greater precision allows us to work smarter, faster, and safer, getting your operation back online sooner with minimal disruptions or delays.

Benefits for our customers

Cleaning precision

Improved safety

Cost effective

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