Tank Cleaning

The challenge as we see it

Even under optimal circumstances, tank cleaning can be a risky undertaking. With an extremely harsh interior environment, tanks can pose many safety and environmental hazards. To reduce or eliminate the inherent risk, detailed planning, engineering, advanced technology, safety protocols, on-site process controls, training and specialized experience is required

Our differentiated value

By emphasizing the critical elements of project planning and detailed process controls, our tank cleaning techniques minimize personnel exposure and eliminate or reduce manned entry into the tank. Veolia's tank cleaning services feature total process containment, tank ventilation, vapor recovery and scrubbing, automated technologies, and more.

Veolia’s experienced crews are capable of cleaning almost any type of tank, including crude, fuel and slop oil, asphalt, wastewater, gasoline, sour water, benzene, and more. Our tank cleaning methods and capabilities include:

  • Robotic, mechanical, chemical and thermal circulation techniques
  • Remotely-controlled cannon devices that remove sludge from the center of a tank quickly, efficiently and with less risk of worker injury
  • Sludge suction and processing using the most cost-effective technology possible (depending on the specific sludge stream characteristics and contents)
  • If possible, we blend tank sludge into a useful feedstock, prepare it for an on-site coker feed or recycle it

Veolia has proprietary technology and unmatched tank cleaning expertise.

Our solutions for tank cleaning

Veolia’s tank cleaning personnel are all trained in the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and confined spaces. Our team is also experienced in a variety of oily tank sludge removal, processing and cleaning projects for oil refineries, pipelines and power plants. Prior to beginning any tank cleaning project, Veolia engineers and operational personnel develop a site and scope specific Safety and Operation Manual (SOM).

We offer many solutions to achieve the utmost tank cleaning quality:

  • Chemical and mechanical degassing of light end tanks
  • Tank cleaning with a wide range of tools based on tank conditions and material
  • Separations, dewatering and particle sizing of sludges
  • Transportation and rolloff box management
  • Disposal or recovery solutions
  • Circulation of tank bottoms with articulating nozzles
  • Fully automated robotic technology

Our operational expertise is backed by industry-leading safety performance and compliance ratings that you can trust to mitigate risk.

Benefits for our customers

Cost savings

Highly trained team

Safe and efficient

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