Site-Based Services

The challenge as we see it

Industrial facilities are subject to stringent safety protocols, operating procedures and production goals requiring experienced personnel that can operate your facility – safely and optimally.

Our differentiated value

As a trusted partner, Veolia works ‘inside the gate’ at hundreds of industrial facilities in Canada and the United States. Our customers rely on our experienced staff, proven Goal Zero safety culture, and commitment to responsible resource management and continuous improvement. Veolia’s site-based capabilities are an extension of its broad service portfolio, and can be structured to meet the unique needs of your plant.

Nesting dedicated Veolia crews, equipment and leadership in your plant can bring significant value to your organization, including:

  • Employees that will quickly learn your facility, safety regulations and operating procedures, resulting in less oversight and administrative responsibilities for your own employees
  • Simplified and more open lines of communications between our supervisors and your plant management teams, so your staff can focus on core business objectives
  • More efficient scheduling, safe operational delivery of service, and streamlined reporting on key performance indicators and results
  • Reliability, and performance guarantees for service quality and results
  • Best practices for tracking and implementation, particularly among multi-site contracts

Veolia delivers dedicated site-based services to drive efficiency and ensure safety.

Our solutions for site-based services

Our site-based programs typically include dedicated, full-time supervisory leadership, crew employees and equipment that provide routine industrial cleaning and maintenance, oily residual processing solutions, water and wastewater treatment plant operations, total waste programs, and hazardous and regulated waste compliance. However, our site-based solutions can also be structured to assign field personnel to work alongside your employees at your facility on a part-time, or as-needed basis. This arrangement is often useful to customers who need additional support managing compliance and hazardous/regulated wastes on an episodic basis.

Veolia's site-based capabilities include:

  • Industrial cleaning & maintenance services
  • Hazardous and regulated waste management
  • Oily residuals management
  • Industrial water and wastewater treatment plant operations

Veolia’s employee-driven safety culture is designed to prevent workplace injuries, illness, and property loss. Our goal is to maintain a zero Total Recorded Incident Rate (TRIR).

Benefits for our customers

Experienced on site team


Certified environmental provider

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Our cost-effective energy solutions are focused on efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.
Our waste and regeneration solutions are compliant with strict regulations, cost-effective and focused on environmental management.
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