Dredging Services

The challenge as we see it

When dredging is required for a company’s pit, pond, lagoon or vessel or to provide waste management of excavated materials, having access to the most advanced manned and unmanned technology and expertise is essential to success.

Our differentiated value

When you partner with Veolia, our experienced personnel and fleet of manned and remotely-operated dredges and sludge pumps of various types, shapes and sizes will ensure you achieve excellent results. Our dredge and pump fleet is designed to efficiently and effectively recover sludge from every conceivable surface area or vessel, including tanks, thickeners, clarifiers and separators. Veolia’s proven safety record will ensure the job is completed using the most environmental and safe approach.

As important as advanced technology and powerful equipment are to any dredging operation, experienced personnel are even more critical. That’s why we assign a dredging project leader who will work with you every step of the way to provide a complete and safe service:

  • We provide an expert evaluation of your dredging needs, including distance, elevation and density of materials to be pumped, as well as the possible use of a booster pump to transfer sludge to another location.
  • If the pond or lagoon must be kept in service during dredging, turbidity curtains can be deployed to prevent discharge of suspended solids.
  • We’ll work with you to identify any submerged obstructions or structures to help ensure the safety of all personnel, avoid property damage and keep the project moving.
  • Bumpers and liner guards can be used to allow safe and reliable operation in lined ponds and basins.
  • We can also provide washing or manual removal of residual sludge left on the pond surfaces after dredging if your applications or project objectives require this.

Veolia offers a comprehensive solution for all your dredging challenges.

Our solutions for dredging

Veolia uses manned and unmanned, remote-operated diesel powered dredge platforms fitted with submersible hydraulic pumps of various sizes, capable of pumping anywhere from 300 to 1000 of m3 per hour. Our dredging equipment is fitted with 5 meter booms and we can also provide a pumping solution to lower the water level for deeper applications.

Our solution includes:

  • ​Evaluation of your dredging needs
  • Dredging technology and equipment deployment
  • Professional dredging services
  • Optional surface clean-up

Our experienced dredging team has access to the very best dredging assets, including:

  • A manned, floating, diesel-powered horizontal auger dredge platform fitted with approximately 2,5 meters wide augers
  • A remotely-operated, submersible track dredge, known as the Dozer Dredge, used for restricted areas that cannot be readily accessed by manned equipment
  • Cable guides to prevent veering off course, while a reversible and hydraulically powered variable speed motor pushes the horizontal auger into the sludge
  • A two-way radio communication system used between the dredge operator and a shoreman as a safety watch and to monitor the dredge line and discharge locations
  • A variety of submersible pumps and shore-mounted transfer pumps capable of handling any type of sludge or material stream

With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of seasoned experts, Veolia provides efficient, safe and environmentally sound dredging solutions.

Benefits for our customers

State-of-the-art equipment

Safe and cost effective

Highly trained staff

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