Comprehensive Ash and Wastewater Management

The challenge as we see it

Faced with increasing environmental regulations, coal-fired power plants have a mounting need for remediation or recycling when it comes to coal combustion residuals – otherwise known as coal ash. To mitigate and manage this, energy producers must leverage creative solutions in order to comply with stringent ash basin and wastewater management requirements.

Our differentiated value

Veolia has developed a customized, technology-driven process to help the sector comply with regulations and help plants mitigate their operational risk and liabilities. Our comprehensive ash management solution incorporates some of Veolia’s most effective and proprietary water treatment and separations technologies, including Actiflo® and Hydrotech™ Discfilters.

Independently, each of these proven technologies can deliver viable solutions for one component of the ash and wastewater management cycle. But when combined into a singular package, this system delivers a truly sustainable solution for managing all the ash, wastewater and stormwater at your power plant. We offer our customers:

  • Safety compliance
  • Proprietary water treatment and separations technologies
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Regulatory compliance

Our comprehensive solution for ash and wastewater management is providing the coal industry with a safe and sustainable environmental solution.

Our solutions for comprehensive ash and wastewater management

Veolia's ability to apply robust technical expertise to your plant's specific challenges, with our proprietary water treatment and separations technologies and operational delivery model, is helping the coal-fired power industry address a real environmental challenge – the responsible, sustainable management of ash.

Let our comprehensive ash management solution help mitigate your risk and bring your power plant beneficial reuse and waste reduction solutions for its ash and wastewater streams. Key benefits include:

  • ​Helping your operation meet stringent environmental regulations for coal-fired power plants
  • Minimizing ash waste stream processing and disposal costs
  • Enhancing your power plant's beneficial reuse of resources
  • A single sustainable solution to manage all your ash, wastewater and stormwater
  • A proven record of compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations

Veolia will ensure that the handling, transport, recycling, reuse and disposal of all waste products meets all regulations, while mitigating any liability concerns.

Benefits for our customers

Compliance with regulations

Waste minimization

Resource recovery

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