Cold Cutting Services

The challenge as we see it

When faced with an industrial cutting need that demands high precision and safety, cold cutting is an ideal option - particularly when the part is combustible or volatile. Leveraging a skilled company that provides ultra high-pressure cold cutting services is critical to delivering cost-effective, efficient and reliable results.

Our differentiated value

With specialized expertise, Veolia’s team can design, engineer and manufacture special tooling and help manage problem-solving solutions for all cutting needs. One of the most notable advantages of abrasive waterjet cutting is the ability to control the water stream and fluid dynamics. We can accurately, efficiently and safely cut almost any material, even in hazardous environments, since high-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting applications and touch Free technologies do not pose the dangers of conventional thermal and mechanical cutting processes.

Veolia has a large and diverse fleet of hydroblasting equipment that can sustain pressures up to 40,000 - 55,000 PSI to safely and efficiently cut through virtually any material and structure. Water and aggregates are combined to cut steel, concrete and refractory, which is often faster than conventional cutting methods. Other performance benefits include:

  • Improved safety for cutting within volatile environments
  • Uniformity of cuts and precision bevels, with no effect on metallurgy
  • Robotics and remote control technologies
  • Ability to cut a wide range of materials
  • Ability to cut a combination of materials in a single pass
  • Savings from low water volume

Our cold cutting technique improves precision, while ensuring safety requirements.

Our solutions for cold cutting

Veolia has a proven safety record and strictly follows all environmental compliance requirements when performing cold cutting services.

Veolia’s advanced hydroblasting technology can be used on cold cutting applications such as:

  • Cat crackers
  • Regenerator heads
  • Reactors
  • Storage tanks / door sheets
  • Bundle demolition
  • Overhead lines
  • Concrete
  • Floating roofs
  • Tank floors

Our state-of-the-art hydroblasting equipment can safely and efficiently cut steel, concrete and refractory.

Benefits for our customers

Technical expertise

Safety record

Competitive pricing

Focus Innovation

Touch free technologies

Veolia’s robotic technologies surpass traditional cleaning methods by substantially increasing the cleaning power and accuracy available to complete industrial cleaning objectives. Our touch free technologies keep employees safely shielded from work site hazards, while enabling them to precisely control up to 500 horsepower to accomplish the most difficult cleaning projects. Veolia’s specialized tools accomplish more with less, reducing the manpower and hours needed to produce results. Greater power matched with greater precision allows us to work smarter, faster, and safer, getting your operation back online sooner with minimal disruptions or delays.

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