District Energy Networks

The challenge as we see it

As cities become more condensed, extreme weather events increase and industries require more redundant and reliable energy, having an uninterrupted and sustainable energy supply (electricity, heating, and cooling) has become critically important to human health and economic prosperity.

Our differentiated value 

For facilities, communities and campuses that require and consume high volumes of electricity, heat or chilled water to operate efficiently, district energy is helping to free up space in buildings, saving building owners in capital expense and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, and improving reliability and sustainability for communities and businesses.

District energy is one of the most sustainable and cost-effective ways to heat and cool spaces. It presents numerous benefits, in particular energy efficiency improvements, a better integration of renewables in the energy mix and a reduction in carbon emissions.

  • Provides reliable, cost-efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions
  • Eliminates capital costs, interest payments, property taxes, insurance costs, and maintenance contracts for new in-building heating and cooling systems
  • Eliminates the need for customers to purchase, operate, and maintain chillers and cooling towers
  • Preserves space and increases revenue-generating space (removal of mechanical rooms for boilers and chillers)
  • Improves safety of operation and lower insurance rates by removing on-site fuel and chemical storage
  • Avoids equipment maintenance and lowers ongoing operating and maintenance costs
  • Minimizes labor and administrative costs
  • Transfers energy, operating, and environmental risks to Veolia
  • Potential points for LEED and ENERGY STAR certification


Our district systems average over 99.9% availability.


Our solutions for district energy

Our steam delivery networks can interface with any type of HVAC building system to provide low cost and reliable thermal energy and cooling. We also provide centrally-produced chilled water, pumping it into buildings and eliminating the need for customers to purchase, operate and maintain chillers and cooling towers. 

  • District heating: Whatever the comfort requirements and capital budget, we can design a system that works efficiently with steam. While many customers use our steam directly to heat their buildings, most convert steam to hot water uses for heating their facilities. In those locations where we deliver hot water, the service can be equally versatile to meet HVAC system needs.
  • District cooling: We provide centrally-produced chilled water, pumping it into buildings for cooling and eliminating the need for customers to purchase, operate and maintain chillers and cooling towers. Our steam can also be used to power steam absorption chillers and steam-driven turbine chillers to provide cooling — helping minimize a building’s peak electricity demand and costs.
  • Domestic hot water: For customers using steam for other purposes — such as heating, humidification or air conditioning — we offer a way to maximize the building’s cost-efficiency through condensate recovery. By gathering the water that collects as a steam by-product, water is recaptured and recycled to help heat the domestic water supply — resulting in virtually free hot water for our customers.

Veolia owns, operates, and maintains thermal energy networks, which provide highly efficient district heating and cooling to several major city business districts.


Benefits for our customers


Reduces carbon footprint

Delivers energy reliability

Focus Innovation

Cogenerated green steam

In several city districts, Veolia leverages Combined Heat and Power (CHP), a sustainable and efficient energy solution that recycles thermal energy by recapturing waste heat - helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

They chose this solution

United States

Heating a Historic Building

“Green Steam” supplies thermal energy to a historic Boston building, which is used to produce heat and hot water.

For over 40 years, the Boston district energy system has supplied steam to this iconic former bank building in the city’s bustling Downtown Crossing district.

Veolia recently upgraded the building’s original heating infrastructure, while the building’s owners developed a steam condensate system that recycles waste heat to preheat domestic hot water – two creative solutions that are helping conserve water and energy.

United States

Reliable Energy Supports Stadiums

Long term steam agreement and O&M of the chilled water plant serving Baltimore stadiums.

Both Oriole Park at Camden Yards and the M&T Bank Stadium leverage the Baltimore district energy system for heating and domestic hot water.

To provide cooling and chilled water to both stadiums the Maryland Stadium Authority developed its own onsite chilled water plant which Veolia currently operates under an O&M agreement.

United States

District Energy in Trenton, NJ

Beneath the streets is a network of district energy pipes delivering thermal energy to some of New Jersey’s most critical buildings.

​Our district energy networks serve the critical heating and cooling needs of 30 buildings in Trenton.

Combining our underground network with the latest energy efficient technology, enables Veolia to help reduce the region’s greenhouse gas emissions and minimize environmental impact.

United States

Veolia Helps to Cool Aquatic Treasures

Veolia delivers reliable chilled water from its nearby centrally produced chilled water system.

Veolia provides 1,250 tons of district chilled water to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where 1.3 million people visit annually. 

In addition to helping cool the facilities and various exhibits, Veolia also provides electronics recycling. 

United States

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