Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Veolia an essential services provider

Ensuring safe business continuity

Governments across Canada have started to order the mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses.  Veolia in Canada manages services that are essential to the communities we serve. Services including hazardous waste management, water treatment, wastewater services, industrial cleaning services and the maintenance of critical facilities such as hospitals and data centers.


As such, Veolia has been identified by our provincial governments as an essential service provider for communities and companies.


The safety and well-being of our employees, customers and the communities we serve remains our top priority. And as the impacts of COVID-19 unfold across our footprint, we are taking proactive actions in line with federal, provincial and local health organizations, ensuring our operations run as usual and without disruption as we respond to this pandemic. 
As we all continue to feel the effects of this outbreak our sites will stay open, and we are taking all the necessary measures to reduce the probability of the spread of COVID-19. 


We are exercising great caution, in line with our deep commitment to health and safety, and remain attentive to our customers to support them during this unusual period.

Please contact your local account manager to review our services in more detail or call for services.